Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Wow! October completely got away from me. It's been a busy month with lots going on.

So here's a quick catch up with photos...

Antalya turned FIVE!!! There was much celebrating!

On Antalya's birthday, Victoria gave her the best gift possible. She asked for her to push her in the swing (usually if anyone except I pushes her, she instantly decides she doesn't want to swing). This let to helping each other in and out of the swing and taking turns pushing. It did this momma's heart good to see them playing so well.
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It seemed we had more than our share of Halloween parties this year!
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We spent three wonderful days camping and hiking at Zion National Park with some of the cousins.

We had a fun outing to HeeHaws farm with the cousins.
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Antalya had her first dance performance with the Pals dance group. When she realized everyone was watching her and clapping for her, her face just lit up. It was so fun to watch her. Her group is performing at the Festival of Trees this year and I can't wait to watch her again!
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New Family Photos!
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We found lots of witches at the WitchFest with Gramma.
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Trick-or-Treating Fun!
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Hope your October was a good as ours!

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