Monday, October 1, 2007

Back to the Beginning

Last Thursday was the anniversary of the day I met my husband. We met at a little middle eastern cafe on a blind date. His sister-in-law had been trying to set us up for four years! When we finally did meet I think it was more a feeling of "lets just get this over with so she will leave us alone" than anything else; although I will admit that I was a little curious about this outdoor-loving, adventure-seeking, world-traveler I had been hearing about. It was a Monday and I remember I purposely arrived late just so I wouldn't be the first one to the restaurant. When I got there Jason had picked a table for two outside. We ordered our food, had the typical blind date questions, although instead of parting at the end of the meal, we sat at the table conversing for several more hours.

We were both in college attending different universities and lived about 45 miles apart. It was another week before we were able to get together again, but once we did, one thing led to another and we were married three months later. Thanks Sheryl for not giving up when Jason said he wasn't interested the first time you wanted to set us up.

Anyways, on Thursday, to celebrate, we dropped Antalya off at her aunt's house to have a fun afternoon with her cousins (thanks Rebecca) and Jason and I went back to the small middle eastern cafe where it all began. It was fun to sit outside at the little table and reflect how that lunch - three years ago - has changed our lifes.
Here's a picture of Jason and I on our honeymoon


Becky & Joseph said...

Congrats on 3 years! That's fun that you went back to the same place you met. You two are awesome and we're all glad you got together!

The Lambson's said...

If I did the math right does that mean you were married end of Dec beg of Jan-ish? Tarl and I were married in Jan so it's always fun for me to find out other people who got married the same month. Sounds like you guys had a great date! Where did you go on your honeymoon? I couldn't tell from the background.

Sunny said...

Debbie, we got married Dec 30, what day is your anniversary? For our honeymoon we went of a cruise. It was a lot of fun. This pic was taken in Cancun.

Me and Them said...

Oh you guys....too cute. How wonderful to have this tradition! Love really is a celebration.