Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Birthday Cake

On Antalya's actual birthday we gave her a little mini muffin to practice for her birthday party the next day. As you can tell from the pictures as soon as she realized it was there she didn't hestiate to pop the whole thing in her mouth.

The next day at her birthday party was hilarious the way she jumped right in and enjoyed every bite! I think she ate almost the entire cake. P.S. Sonja - I put the recipe for the oatmeal cake on the link to my recipes on the side.


The Lambson's said...

Cute pictures! Happy Birthday Antalya, you're a cutie! I love the way you even practiced the day before, super smart!

Me and Them said...

Thanks Sunny! Can't wait to try the cake that Antalya loved so much. I loved the pictures. :D

Jill Hunt said...

I am so glad she liked her cake so much. Jaxon also loved his cake which was so fun to watch because my other 3 boys were kind of scared of their cake and just cried.