Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Construction Zone

It has been nearly two full weeks living in a remodel zone. We are getting new cabinets in the kitchen. Since we were tearing the kitchen up, we decided to really tear it up and remove our dropped ceiling. That only led to more problems. We called someone out yesterday to fix the piping issues. We had to turn the water off, but thought it would be no big deal since it would only take a few hours. Well, that was yesterday afternoon. I went to bed at 10:30 last night and they were still working on it - and we still had no water. This morning they are at it again and hoping to finish up soon. I hope for all our sakes that we can at least get the water turned back on soon.

Here are thirteen reasons why I don't like having my kitchen torn up:

1. The salt shaker just ran out of salt. Normally I could quickly refill it, but unlucky for me I packed all the salt in the bottom of an unaccessible box.

2. We can't afford take out every night, so I have been trying to fix dinner most nights. I have quickly realized that most of my baking pans got packed away when we cleared out the cabinets.

3. Antalya is terrified of the load noises that are associated with all the remodel work.

4. It is very difficult to cook on a stove with the hood ranging in the way.

5. The only eating-ware we kept out was two forks, two spoons, two knifes, two plates, two bowls. I have realized that sometimes that's not enough.

6. I miss running water!!!!

7. I have virtually no counter space; our kitchen table can only hold so much.

8. Clutter, clutter everywhere.

9. I have no hot pads.

10. Everything is covered in dust.

11. Since our keys lost their home, we keep loosing them amidst all the chaos.

12. My recipe books are all packed away.

13. But I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end.


Jan said...

Chaos can be so exhausting, but it will be so nice when everything is put back together. . .even running water will seem like a luxury. I loved your 13 reasons! Reading them I can almost visualize what your going through.

Stuart and Sarah said...

I can't wait to see the finale and the new remodeled kitchen! What an ordeal. I would be eating cup o soup for every meal

Jill Hunt said...

Oh that is NO fun! I am so sorry for you guys! Do you want me to bring you dinner! I hope it all gets done soon, for your sake!

hiatt family said...

This post brought back so many memories from my remodeled kitchen last year. I can really feel and understand your frustration and choas! I hope we get to see pictures of it when it is all done! I am excited for you!

Debbie said...

Ugh! I hope it all got worked out. We had our water turned off for a few days and it was very 'inconvenient' or something. :) I hope it all works out quickly!

Linnea said...

Remodeling builds character. I can still remember boiling pots of water on the stove in order to fill the tub and give my kids baths before going to church. (We had running water, just not hot water.) Going without heat in the middle of the winter was not as much fun, but the tales get better with the telling as time goes on...