Wednesday, January 13, 2010


2009 was a year of changes for our family. The biggest ones being the addition of a child to our family, moving overseas, and Jason's return to school. I don't think we can top that for this year, but already 2010 is proving to be an eventful year for our family.

We just got notice that Jason has been accepted at London School of Economics starting next fall. We are thrilled that he got in and excited that we will be staying another year in London. So any of you that wanted to come visit, but didn't think there would be time before we moved back home - now you've got a little extra time to plan a trip :)

Some other smaller changes that have happened (but still just as noteworthy) are:

Victoria is eating solids. I have some great pics on the camera, but unfortunately the flash drive I use to transfer them has been broken (any guesses who might've had a hand with that one?) She still trying to decide if she enjoys the odd flavors of food.

I finally have enough hours in the day to do laundry, clean the house, read the scriptures, blog, and do the shopping thanks to the extra two hours I get every morning while Antalya is at school. It's great to have a quiet morning to get things ready for the day.

The last 20 minutes of preschool is storytime. I anticipated that eventually Antalya would learn to sit quietly with the other children and participate, but I didn't expect it so soon. This morning when I went to pick her up I found her doing just that - sitting, waiting, and listening for her name to be called to be excused from class. I love little miracles!

I've decided to run a half marathon this summer back in Utah. Anyone want to join me? I need to find one during July. There's nothing like a lofty goal to motivate me to get off the couch and start training (and now that I have a little free time each day I can't come up with a viable excuse anymore).

So, here's to 2010 - a year of good things to come!

Here's a few pics of Antalya from my phone:

IMG_0492Walking to preschool. London is still getting abnormal amounts of snow (notice the snowy roads and sidewalks? I don't think there is a single snowplow or snow shovel in all London).

Walking in the door to her school

IMG_0497Playing in the "post office"


Jan said...

CUTE PICTURES!!! We sure miss that little face and your other little cutie, too.

Jeana said...

hey I'll run it with you. I'm doing a marathon in May and that would motivate me to keep running afterwards and not quit cold turkey like last year.

Sheridan said...

What an eventful January! Congrats to Jason!

The Munck Family said...

Antalya looks so big in the pictures! I loved catching up on your family. So neat that she can go to school so close by. Hope ya'll have gotten rested up and back on a routine from your trip, nice that you could come home for the holidays.'ve enjoyed seeing your pictures and the video a few months back. I always read just don't always have time to comment.