Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life Is Therapy

It's been about eight months since Antalya has had any formal therapy. I try to make up for it with activities at home and encouraging her speech and practicing new sounds. Despite the lack of therapists in our life lately, I think she is still progressng and learning so much everyday.

I recently found this post about Life is Therapy (thanks Michelle) I couldn't agree more. There is so much to be learned everyday and so many new skills our little ones with special needs can be working on and perfecting without a "therapist" helping them along. Don't get me wrong - therapy has it's place, and I am anxious to get going with a regular program again (we had an assessment with a speech therapist just this morning).

So along the theme of Life is Therapy, here are some of the fun things we did on Saturday at our family outing to the Museum of Childhood..

Played with sand and was fascinated (like always) at the way it moves through little fingers.

Used gross motor skills to climb up into the ambulance and pretend drive it.IMG_6631

Practiced good cooking skills.IMG_6644

Learned about colors, mirrors, and lights.IMG_6647

Experimented with different textures and sensory input.IMG_6660

Sat a table in a public place and ordered food to eat (this was a BIG one - we haven't taken Antalya out to eat for a very long time, but we decided since the cafe was right there and there wouldn't be much of a wait for food, it would be good practice for her to have to sit at the table and eat whilst surrounded by people and distractions). Sorry there is no picture of this one - I was so impressed with her good manners that I was afraid pulling out the camera to document it would ruin the moment :)

And Victoria had a great time too!IMG_6646


Brittany said...

That looks like such a fun place! Awesome that you guys had a fun, successful outing :) Your girls are so adorable!!

Sheridan said...

CUTE picture of Victoria! I love that she looks so happy.

Marie said...

Great post! Those Kids' Science Museums are awesome! There are so many great things to do (as you showed) and great things to talk about too. Hope you come back this week and link up too!

Hupp Family said...

You are a good mommy!

Michelle said...

great pics! children's museums are such fun places and full of so many therapy opportunities!