Thursday, May 20, 2010

Carnival Fun

This evening we made an impromptu trip to the carnival going on at our local park.

Antalya had a blast! It was her first amusement park experience and I think she throughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Since we only wanted to purchase one adult ticket, I was Antalya's designated helper.

We rode on rides and played in bounce houses until Victoria decided she was done being stuck in the backpack in the hot, humid air, watching her sister have fun.
Can you blame her?IMG_7772

Then we stopped for some very over-priced, and not-so-tasty jumbo sausages and chips for dinner, and washed it down with an ice cream.

Jason and Victoria headed home while Antalya and I wore ourselves out with more rides.

In the end, the bumber cars were her absolute favorite. She even waited in line for 15 minutes to ride them a second time. I was amazed at her patience.


Jan said...

What a cute, absolutely happy little face!! Looks like we better plan on Lagoon this summer!

Sheridan said...

It looks like you both had fun! Yay!

Michelle said...

she does look like she was having a blast at the carnival! how fun!

Sonja said...

LOVE IT! Those are really wonderful pictures. Glad you had fun. Too bad about the sausages.