Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Parent Partnership Conference

Yesterday I got the luxury of attending an all day conference for parents of kids with special needs. It was magical! I learned a bunch about what to expect with the school systems here if we happen to stay longer than expected, got lots of info about programs and resources (that I haven't had a chance to really look through yet, but I will), and attended some great workshops.

The first one focused on managing challenging behaviors. The speaker offered a great new perspective and some tips to manage the melt-downs before they happen and make the best of it when they do. Sometimes I feel as a parent I get so bogged down by little things that I forget the bigger picture. It was such a revelation to me when she explained that in order to fix a problem we need to stop focusing on when things go bad and start focusing on all the times when things are going good. The answer to managing the challenging behavior is not found by looking at the behavior, but by analyzing all the times it is not occurring to find a way to prevent the behavior - or minimize it when it does occur. I've only been home for 24 hours, but I can already see how me changing my perspective is helping make our home a happier place to be.

The second workshop focused on multi-sensory learning. The instructor had some really good thoughts and ideas to share. The ending consensus was that we all need to spend more time outside playing and getting dirty.

I'm so grateful I could have this little time-out for myself. I feel so renewed and ready for anything that comes my way. I feel like I can look motherhood and any challenges that come this way in the eyes and say, "bring it on!" (but only after some much needed Zzzz's)IMG_7736


Michelle said...

sounds like it was a great conference with a lot of information!

Sonja said...

I love those kind of revelations! I'm so glad you could go and get so much good information. You are an amazing mother, Sunny! Can't wait to pick your brain when you come home.