Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Tricks and Airplanes

Look who's mastered getting around on her own two feet
We've been at a family reunion the last three days, and somehow seeing all her cousins walking around was motivation enough for Victoria (or TriTri as she is more commonly called these days) to decide she is done with scrapping her knees on the ground.

We've been here in Utah for four weeks now - that's four weeks that we have been away from Jason, and I must admit I am getting anxious for us to all be back together again. Tonight while I was reading stories with Antalya she got a really sad voice and said "daddy". I asked her if she wanted to go see daddy and she said, "yes, home". It was so sweet. I wish I could see into that little mind of hers, or give her words to help her express what she is feeling, because I know there is so that she feels that just can't be expressed in the very limited vocabulary she has. We (I) talked for awhile about going on a big airplane and then being home and seeing daddy. She got excited and signed "eat". Apparently all the treats and snacks is what she remembers most about the nightmarishly long day we spent on airplanes getting here. Unfortunately, all the snacks in the world don't make traveling that long with children any easier for me. Luckily I've got two more weeks to gear up for the flights - and the thought of Jason on the other side to see me through.


Brittni said...

Sunny! Victoria is getting so big! She's adorable. I miss sweet Antalya and her angelic presence. Give the girls a hug from me. I'll be praying for you and your upcoming travels...sorry I can't be there to lighten the load. Lots of Love from Alaska.

Jason said...

I'm just relieved that she remembers me!

Michelle said...

oh my look at her walking! becoming such a big girl!

Linnea said...

Treasure that comment from Brit. I don't think Brittni got a chance to see Emma born before heading home to Alaska for the summer.