Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Remembering Brit

Today my heart is in Alaska where family and friends are gathered to remember Brit. To me, she was more than Jason's niece - she was a good friend, and although I have absolute faith in the resurrection and the knowledge that I will see her again, I will miss her so much until that day comes.

I didn't meet Brit until she moved to Provo after High School graduation to attend BYU, but as soon as we met I felt like we had always been family. And she quickly became a very tangible part of our little family. We were blessed to be the closest family she had while attending college and we would see her often when she would stop by for dinner, or to do laundry, or to hop on our computer, to babysit or just to hang out. In fact she was such a part of Antalya's life as a baby, that Antalya created a sign for "Brit" that she would sign whenever she saw her.

When we planned a two week vacation to Chile a few years back, we were thrilled when Brit decided to come along with us.

I will miss her enthusiasm and energy for live, her positive attitude, her absolute faith in Jesus Christ, her example of love and kindness, but most of all I will just miss HER. I will miss our long chats in the car while driving, or in our kitchen as I fixed dinner, or sitting on our couch as Antalya played near us with toys. She always inspired me to be a little better and try a little harder.

I love you Brit. Until we meet again.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sunny, she is so beautiful! I am terribly sorry for your loss of Britt. With her beautiful smile, I am sure you'll feel her warmth every day.

Linnea said...

I share your longing to be in Alaska today. The only thing that makes this trial bearable is the absolute knowledge that this life is not the end, that she has gone on to a far better place, and that if I live worthy someday I can join her. That is motivation enough to live a better life ... for Brit's sake.

brooke said...

hi sunny, i saw jason at brit's services yesterday. just wanted to drop by and say hello to you too. i hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

brooke (from chile!)

The Munck Family said...

So sorry, I read Brit's blog what a wonderful lady she was. And as you said you will see her again. I'll be praying for your family and for peace in the days ahead.