Sunday, July 25, 2010

Night and Day

My two girls are about as different as night and day. In fact, about the only thing they seem to share is an incredibly strong will.

Tonight we lit fireworks in celebration of Pioneer Day. Here's their reactions.

Victoria ooo-ed and awed, and clapped after each one:IMG_8561

Antalya cried, yelled "scared" and "loud" over and over, and then clapped after each one because she was so glad it was over:IMG_8560

But despite their differences there is one thing they both agree on.
Giving kisses is the best!


Adam, Jaci, Grant and Grace said...

You have THE cutest kids! The picture of Antalya crying is so sad but so adorable at the same time. The poor thing! Grace is terrified of loud noises, we didn't even attempt fireworks on the 4th. Anyway, hope all is well! I love the girls kissing. :-)

Catherine Anne said...

Love this post

Sonja said...

Oh man. I'm chuckling. I'm sorry.
But I can just picture little Antalya clapping because they are over.

Yep, those kids come with their own little spirits.