Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Pics

It's been a very long last few days. The sum of lots of small things has left me feeling completely exhausted and very homesick. So this afternoon, after we all took a much needed nap I decided we needed to bag the whole potty training thing (we haven't had much success the last 48 hours anyway), throw a diaper on Antalya and head out the door with the camera to take some fall pictures. We had a great time. I wish the fall season would last a bit longer. Hope you enjoy the pics!






Jan said...

I DO love the pictures. I can't believe how huge the leaves are that Talya's walking through. Glad you took a break and got some R&R. Remember there's no deadline on potty training. . . It'll happen when she's ready and I think you've probably increased her chances for success this week by taking a break. She probably needed the outdoors time as much as you did.

Linnea said...

The walking through the leaves shot is my favorite. I can almost hear the leaves crunching under their feet...