Monday, October 11, 2010

Four-Year Old Birthdays!

We've been busy preparing the house for a very special day tomorrow. My Antalya turns FOUR!!! Her new play kitchen is set up in the front room just waiting for her to wake up in the morning. I can already hear her yelling, "Yay!" when she sees it. The cake is baked and is just waiting for the Elmo frosting design that is coming to it tomorrow. The floor is scattered with balloons filled with popcorn kernels so when she shakes them they make some noise back at her. The Happy Birthday banner is in place. And my little angel is sleeping peacefully in bed getting all energized for the birthday celebrations soon to come.

I remember my 4th birthday. It was a Hello Kitty party. I remember playing pin the bow on Hello Kitty, little gift bags of Hello Kitty stickers, erasers, and pencils. I remember opening presents, and eating the cake. I felt so special the day I turned four. I hope tomorrow is a day that Antalya feels like a queen, and will be a day to remember 30 years from now.


Dehner Family said...

Fun. Happy Birthday to Antalya. I wonder if I was at your 4 year old party?
Oh and I love that little dress Victoria is wearing.

Adam, Jaci, Grant and Grace said...

Happy Birthday Antalya! It is a great day to have a birthday...I would know because it is mine, too! Enjoy the festivities!

The Munck Family said...

Happy 4th Birthday, early!!!! I look forward to pictures. I hope Antalya's birthday is as memorable your was!

Linnea said...

Funny, I don't remember my 4th birthday. I do recall when my dad rolled the Volkswagen van our family was traveling in on our way to Ogden that Christmas. Some events are just more memorable than others!

Sonja said...

this post made me miss you.
a lot.