Sunday, April 6, 2008

Antalya's Favorite Toy

Fisher Price Learning Piggy Bank
One of Antalya's therapists loaned us this toy a few weeks ago. It quickly became the favorite! I love that it can do so much. Right now Antalya has fun practicing things such as push (the nose plays music when you push it), in, out, open, close. The coin slot is just big enough for the coin, so she is forced to work on her coordination and fine motor skills getting the coin at just the right angle to fit inside. Once she gets a little bigger we can use the coins to learn colors, animals (the coins have a the heads and the tails of different animals), big vs small (the coins are two different sizes), and counting


Sonja said...

What a great toy! Where did you find it?

Muratos said...

Interestingly there is a very beautiful touristic city called as Antalya in Turkey reminding me sun and blue sea :)

Laura said...

That is Wesley's favorite toy too. He loves it but, still opens the door to put the coins in. I think he is a little lazy because through the top is harder.