Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Magic of the New Bed Has Vanished!

The little Miss woke up at 4:00 am today. Not much fun for this old mom who needs her sleep. I fought it until 6:30 when I just gave up trying to get her to sleep and we came downstairs to start our day, but not without me making sure everything in the house knew how tired I was, and what a grouch I was going to be about it. I got her some milk and we sat down on the couch to drink it. It was then that Antalya reminded me of the child-like innocence and thirst for life that we are all taught to emulate. Siting next to me, with her cup, she was so happy. It didn't matter that she was just as tired as I was, she was living in the moment, grateful for the blessing of another day to be with someone she loved. As I let a smile sneak across my face, I realized that I too was happy. If waking up at 4 am means I get to be mom to such a sweet little girl, then it's worth every sleepless moment!


Tara said...

You are better than me! Graham woke up at 5 and I can't say I was nearly as positive! Thanks for the reminder...

Next time maybe we should have a play date and graham and antalya can play while we nap on the couch :)

Nancy said...

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Laura said...

Children are such great reminds to us what is to be "Child Like" Isn't it a blessing to given such a great gift our children. Hope you got a nap!