Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Signing

Today Antalya signed her first two word phrase "more fruit". What an exciting moment! I was so thrilled. This is only proof that language really is beginning to sink in and make sense to her little mind. It is truly amazing to me that children can learn so quickly how to communicate. It took me over six months of living in South America just to feel like I could begin to communicate on my own with someone in spanish. But I was only learning to attach new words to what I already knew about communication. A baby is born with no comprehension of language. Yet, after a few short months begins to understand that objects have names, and that they can communicate their wants and desires through language. It is nothing short of a miracle!

Here are the signs that I have seen Antalya do (there are several others that I know she knows, but I haven't seen her actually do it):
1. Dad
2. Eat
3. More
4. Cheese
5. Fruit
6. Go bye-bye
7. Sleep
8. Bath
9. All done
10. Fish
11. Ball
12. Sing

She likes to practice them in the mirror. It's the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Today I took her to get pictures to switch out her 12 month one with a new 18 month shot. She looked so cute, but just wouldn't cooperate at the studio. So here's a few we took when we got home.

Signing "More"
Look at those Eyes!


RK said...

She's beautiful! And yes, those eyes are amazing! That's quite a list of signs too...very impressive!

Thanks for coming by our blogs!

Momma M said...

What a little beautfy queen! Congrats on the signing - it's totally amazing when that happens.

Stacey said...

I just found your blog and I love that your sweet baby is communicating. Isn't that what it's all about? I, too, have taught my little ones to sign. They pick up so quickly. We used a DVD series called Signing Time! I highly recommend it. Signing Time! is fun and engaging. It is for children of all abilities. They even have a Baby Signing Time! Check out and you will be amazed at what they have to offer. Keep it up. We love that our family signs because it can be used in many situations. It comes in very handy at church. :) I love the title of your blog!

Laura said...

WOW, her eyes are beautiful! Your pictures aer as good as if you had them mad. Way to go on the signs!

Alexis 18 said...

holly cow-that is so great that she is able to sign so many words! you must work with her tonz. Her pics are cute. They start to become impossible to take to get "portrait" pics. They get better around age 3!

Michelle said...

that is exciting when they start putting 2 words together!

she is beautiful ... loved the pictures!

Linnea said...

The lights, the props, the fancy photographic equipment ... a studio can offer these, but I have never found one yet that can capture a smile only a mother can evoke!