Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sleep! It Does a Body Good

After several restless days, our little tantrum-throwing, fussy, impossible-to-please daughter has emerged from the trenches of fatigue and transformed once again into her cute, kissable, laughable, playful self; and we owe it all to our new crib from IKEA. 
We were planning on traveling overseas for several months after Antalya was born, so we thought a pac-n-play would suit us perfectly. Well, needless to say, a month in the NICU and several months of doctors appointments later, we changed our minds about traveling for an extended period.  The pac-n-play served us well for over 18 months now; I was almost sad to pack it up. But, alas, who can say no to a nice thick mattress and bigger bed?


Laura said...

I bet she does love her new bed. I really like the IKEA store, I could spend days in there! Glad you all are getting rest.

mum2brady said...

yayyyy - fun new bed :) Sleep is definitely a good thing!!!

I loved your comment on my blog - my oldest son and Brady look very much alike, and I love it when other people see it too :)

I think Antalya will definitely look like her siblings :) Are you making announcements ;) hee hee :)


Jill Hunt said...

There is nothing like a new bed. How fun for her. She looks so comfy!

Michelle said...

so glad to hear the new bed did the trick! I bet it felt much better after that pack-n-play!