Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Count It Backwards

My conversation with Antalya last night at bedtime.

Me: Will you go pick 3 books.
A: No, 10!
Me: You want to read 10 books?
A: 9.
Me: You want 9 books?
A: 8
Me: 8 books?
A: 7
Me to Jason who was in the room: Are you hearing this?
Me to A: You want 7 books?
A: 6
Me: 6 books?
A: 5
Me: 5 books?
A: 4
Me: 4 books?
A: 3
Me: 3 books?
A: 2
Me: 2 books?
A: 1
Suddenly Jason and I break out in cheering so loud you would have thought we won the lottery! Antalya loved all the praise and was beyond thrilled with herself. What made the moment even better was that she showed us a new skills without any prompting from us - in fact, I had no idea she could count backwards. Not sure if this is something she has been working on at school, or if she just happened to figure it out in the moment. My Talya is always full of surprises!


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evrfwd said...

That is so cool!!!!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh that is wonderful! Great job! Kayla can't even count backwards; Antalya will have to teach her :)