Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sheridan's Visit - Trip Up North

Although Sheridan is American, her mom is English, and all of that side of her family still lives here in England. I was thrilled when Sheridan invited me and the girls to Hartlepool with her to visit her grandparents and other family members.

We stopped in York on the way up for lunch. York Minster was breathtaking. It is one of the largest Gothic Cathedrals in Northern Europe. And we took a walk through the narrow medieval streets know as the shambles.

We spent a day and a half at her grandparents home. Sheridan and I have been friends for many years now, and it was so fun to finally meet her English family. I felt right at home from the moment we walked in. Hartlepool is right on the coast of the North Sea so we got to make a trip to the beach too.

Enjoying our morning toast.

The moment the girls saw the water they started running towards it, and didn't stop until they reached it.
But the water was so cold, that their smiles instantly turned to tears.
But nevertheless, we had an enjoyable time - it just didn't involve playing in the water like the girls were hoping.

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