Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sheridan's Visit - London

It was so much fun having my friend Sheridan visit last week. And the weather was absolutely unbelievable - sunshine eight days in a row. I think we hardly even saw a cloud the whole time she was here.

Here is some of what we did in London while she was here.

A trip to the Olde Sweet Shoppe put a smile on everyone's face, although I was disappointed when Sheridan told me my favorite sweet tastes like wax. To each their own, right?!

Shops on High Street near our home.

"Bumming" around Hampstead Heath

Dinner at a cute Italian restaurant. I tried gnocchi for the first time and loved it!

The English are getting very excited about the Royal Wedding coming up next month. William and Kate are everywhere you turn. And I just saw today that there is a DVD that will be released the week of their wedding outlining their "fairy tale romance". I'm not all that into the royal hype (I'm American, what can I say?), but it will be nice to have another school holiday.

In China Town we bought some Emperor's Dessert. The white strands are made from honey, and are wrapped around nuts. When we asked how the strands were made, the lady replied with a big smile and Chinese accent, "Yes, honey made it!" So, there you have it - I've no idea how the white strands are made, but there are most definitely made from honey!

Jason watched the girls for an entire day so could spend it sight seeing. We walked all over London, and took a boat tour down the Thames River, and made it to the theatre that night. It was an awesome day!

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