Thursday, March 31, 2011

The T21 Traveling Afghan

We really enjoyed our week with the T21 Traveling Afghan. This is a special blanket that has been passed around to families all over the world that have a child with Down syndrome. It is such a wonderful tangible reminder of the common bond we share.

Antalya loved cuddling up with it in the afternoons to watch a show or read books (Victoria liked it too).

We had fun throwing it over our heads and making up games to play with it.

And it got to travel with us to our speech therapy/playgroup sessions.

To see where else the T21 Traveling Afghan has been, click here.


Jan said...

The girls both look so grown up . . .they've changed so much in the last year. Hurry and come back home before they get any older. . . we miss them so much!

Michelle said...

How neat the Afghan has made it over to you in England! I signed up on the list to receive it back when CJ first came up with the idea (and we were living in NM at the time). Then the move to MD and we were supposed to get it there, I was even going to mail it to Joe while he was in Afghanistan, but for some reason it didn't make it to us. Then we moved to SC and it was making its way here but somehow we missed getting it again. I think I'm giving up :)