Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sheridan's Visit - Isle of Wight

We really packed it in while Sher was here. Less than 12 hours after returning home from our trip to Northern England, we were all piled back into the car and headed down to the Portsmouth on the southern coast to catch a ferry to the Isle of Wight. Jason took the day off to come with us!

The girls loved the ferry ride! I kept hearing, "boat, boat", "water, water"! And if that wasn't exciting enough, there also happened to be a dog on board which the girls were thrilled about!
(Not sure why Victoria looks so sad in this picture - she really was loving it)

Isle of Wight was beautiful. It reminded me a lot of Ireland with it's narrow hedge-lined roads and little cottages.

We visited Osbourne House which was built by Queen Victoria as a holiday home for her family. This is also where she came to mourn the death of her husband, and where she later died.

We spent the later bit of the afternoon at Alum Bay throwing rocks into the English Channel.
alum bay

And as the sun was setting we were back on the ferry and heading home.

It was a whirlwind week with Sheridan, but I am so grateful she was able to come visit and that we could see so much while she was here.

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Strawberry Girl said...

Both girls are growing up so beautifully! It is so amazing over there, I hope I can visit someday as well... :)